Set 202014

I have been asked by my company to create a system for production monitoring.
A very important component of this system will be a large LED panel showing production status.
Unfortunately I discoverd such components (for example the excellent Alphabrite panels) are very expensive: the mean quotation for a 2 line-21 chars ethernet controllable display is around 3000 USD!.
So I tought i could save several thousands euros of my budget with a little DIY.
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Set 102014

Postfix & Dovecot

(I have written this article in english since I wasn’t able to find any updated guide about this subject in any language).

DISCLAIMER. this is a very basic configuration. Not intended for production environment. Use at your own risk.

I have a small mailserver handling very few domains with mailboxes  for may friends and relatives an it have been working fine for the last 8 years.
But  it is based on the old CentOS 5 + sendmail and I think it is time to upgrade!

So, in order to test the new future configuration, I have performed a  CentOS 7 minimum install  on a virtual machine and tried to configure the  minimum amount of packages to have it working.

Now let’s start!

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